The past few years have been very arduous for me. I have seen a lots of ups and downs in life…fought depression..perceived the real faces of deceitful people and also got my career back on track.During this entire time I apprehended who and what my priorities are and also what I was missing in my life. The experience was surreal…and yet it has given my life a legitimate shape and now I feel absolutely complete. I now see this depression has acted as a blessing on me for I have known my inner self more and it has made me an inviolable person ready to take on whatever comes ahead. And of course without my darling family and you my mate I wouldn’t have survived this journey. To say “thank you” will be an understatement for what you all have done for me.

As Mizuta Masahide said…
Barn’s burnt down —
I can see the moon.


29 thoughts on “Acceptance…

  1. That’s the spirit! So happy to know that you emerged victorious from all the depression and hardships you had to face. I definitely agree with you, a thank you is indeed an understatement.
    Stay happy and blessed. ๐Ÿ™‚


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